Demo Reel 2016


A group magazine I worked on with a class. I help by creating an add for Jack Daniels honey whiskey along with a motion design brand for the magazine. Joey kelly and I came up with the story boards and the layout. The logo was given to us by the graphic design team to keep the branding the same. The low poly and bright colors look was to promote the magazine to the new eco friendly artistic Pittsburgh man.

Joey Kelly (


No Loose Ends

A six month short film we created as a group for a school project. I was the editor for the short film and also an assistant visual effects supervisor. We planed the fx shots prior to going on set so we could have as much information as possible for the extensive VFX shots. We used Nuke, 3ds Max, and Cinema 4d to complete the shots.

The Motion intro was designed by myself and the VFX supervisor, Cory Pelligreno. We were given 2 weeks to complete the title sequence. The story boards sketched while the song was chosen by the director. The stills were then made into vector art using Illustrator and finally compsited and animated in after effects.

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